Briefcase Deep and Transparent
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Ed Friedland - Demonstrate for Guitar World magazine
Super Flightcase
We really like PJB amplifiers with thir quirky five-inch speakers, especially when those speakers are lightweight neodymium units. This combo beits 250W from a 14mm Baltic birch plywood box weighting only 15kg/33lbs.....

(Guitar & Bass)
Super Flightcase
Technological improvements now mean that a combo's size is no longer a fair indication of its performance. So can this latest offering from Phil Jones Bass see off its larger competitors despite its modest dimensions? ......

(Bass Guitar Magazine Jun 09)
Super Flightcase
PJB have garnered a reputation of late for making high- quality, rugged and, above all, compact bass amplifiers. We take a look at the latest innovation from the ever-fertile brain of Phil Jones, the new Super Flightcase.....

(Performing-musiciam Mar 09)