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Compact Dual Channel Guitar Amp
at 250 Watts Blows the Competition Away!

  • Super CUB
  • Super CUB
  • Super CUB
  • Super CUB
  • Super CUB
  • Super CUB
Acoustic & Jazz Guitar Amplifier

The SUPER CUB is not your usual combo amp. At first sight it can easily be misjudged because of its diminutive size.
Don’t let this fool you. The Super Cub is a very high performance amplifier designed to give the utmost fidelity for acoustic guitar or any other lead musical instrument where clean sound and absolute fidelity are paramount.
We have pushed the envelope in pushed the envelope in creating what is the smallest serious guitar amplifier currently available.

Rather than cram it with gimmicky features to enhance marketing appeal, we decided to put full force on where it matters the most: tonal purity.
Nothing this small, with this performance has ever been created before. To the working musicians, this amplifier will not only give sound quality beyond expectations but great ease of transportation and storage. This amplifier will be invaluable.


•Dual channel switch able high impedance/high gain input OR low impedance/low gain stage with mute function.
•8 Presets DIGITAL AUDIO Effects.
•3 Band EQ designated for guitar.
•FX Send Return sockets.
•Tuner out.
•Pre-amp Output.
•Balanced Line Output with ground lift.
•Sophisticated amplifier protection circuitry.
•250watt RMS Amplifier.
•Ultra low noise pre amplifier circuit.