Flightcase Ultra Portable Amp
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Taking a trip to a small venue? Consider packing a Suitcase. The Phil Jones Bass Suitcase is a two-channel combo amp that's essentially a double version of the Phil Jones Bass Broefcase .....

(Bass player - Nov 06)
Once upon a time the words ‘bass’and ‘portable’ were never seen in the same sentence but lowfrequency technology has developed enormously, particularly in recent years.....

(Guitarist June 06)
PJB's Briefcase amp offers an astonishing performance for its diminutive dimensions. Its slightly larger cousin, the Suitcase, promises to be another ground-breaking bass amp from Phil Jones Bass. MM plugs in and goes deep into it......

(Music Mart Oct 06)
After decades of creating some of the world most innovative home audio and P.A. speaker designs, Phil Jones has turne back to his first passion bass, "Bass guitar is the instrument from Hell.".....

(Bass Guitar)