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  • PB-300

Powered cabinet with build in amplifier
An extension to all PJB smaller combos

Powerd Cabinet PB-300
It is a perfect extension to all PJB combo bass amps. It can also be used in multiples, so your rig can be an unlimited power house.

The PB-300 features 6 x PJB "Neo Power" loudspeakers, driven by an ultra high fidelity 250 watt amplifier. Light weight and powerful, it inherits the uncompromising tone that PJB is renowned for.

With the PB-300, you can now take your favorite studio or practice amp, or even the Bass Buddy, to the gig!


It is most suitable for amplification of small amp such as BassCub, the amplification of the amplifier, such as medium-sized Flightcase like the image below. In addition, it is also possible to use that I connect the preamplifier such as BassBuddy. As well as an amplifier of instrument-based and non-combination with the equipment of other companies, I can build the various systems of course.

BassCub + PB-300
BassCub + PB-300 = 350Watt 

Total Size:787(H) x 320(W) x 400(D)mm
Use actively live the BassCub.

Flightcase + PB-300
Flightcase + PB-300 = 400Watt 

Total Size:935(H) x 320(W) x 400(D)mm
Is added to the PB-300 Flightcase with excellent monitoring.

Super Flightcase + PB-300
Super Flightcase + PB-300 = 500Watt 

Total Size:1115(H) x 320(W) x 400(D)mm
To be used in large venues further by connecting the SuperFlightcase.

Control & Spec.

Model PB-300
Power Output 250 W (RMS)
Speaker 6x5" Custom Neo-Power
Input Line In , AC-In
Control Volume, Power SW
Output Linkout、D.I.Out、AC Out
Power 100/240V AC
Dimension (W x D x H) 12 x 10.8 x 7.8 inch / 306 x 275 x 197 mm
Weight 36.3 lbs / 16.5Kg
Color Black / Red