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“Neo Power” Series Cabinet

Light weight and Powerful. Your back will thank you at the end of the gig!

The result of PJB’s 3-year research in lightweight speaker units is a new driver with unprecedented power to weight ratio. The magnet material is Neodymium Iron Boron (NeFeB). This magnet material is currently the most powerful one available on the planet, which gives the PJB acoustic motor the necessary torque for maximum cone excursion with maximum precision and control.

Many other bass amp companies often use an “off the shelf” driver unit that has been designed by a speaker manufacture for use on a broad range of applications. PJB speakers are developed to fit the specific requirements of acoustic loading and necessary frequency range of bass guitars. This explains why no other brand of bass amp has a tone even close to that from a PJB amp.

With the NEO-POWER speaker cabinets, you get the best power and tone to weight ratio. Until now, nothing this light has ever sounded so good and yet is so powerful… You no longer need to be a weight lifting athlete to put the bass cabinet into the truck of your car. Your back will thank you at the end of the gig!

Model 6B
Power 300 W
Speaker 6x5"  6Ω 35Hz-15KHz
Dimensions 15.7x17.3x23 inch
398 x 585 x 440 mm
(W xD x H)
Weight 46lbs / 21kg
Model 8B
Power 400 W
Speaker 8x5"  4Ω 30Hz-15KHz
Dimensions 15.7x17.3x28.4 inch
398x440x721 mm
(W xD x H)
Weight 54 lbs / 24.5 kg
Model 12B
Power 600 W
Speaker 12x5"  6Ω 25Hz-15KHz
Dimensions 20.7x19.7x29 inch
525x500x735 mm
(W xD x H)
Weight 68.5 lbs / 31 kg
Model 21B
Power 1050 W
Speaker 21x5"  4Ω 20Hz-15KHz
Dimensions 20.7x19.7x45.7 inch
525x500x1160 mm
(W xD x H)
Weight 121 lbs / 55 kg