Flightcase Ultra Portable Amp
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Phil Jones Bass are one of the great innovators of the bass amplification market, renowned for their use of multiple small-diameter cone drivers to achieve a wide frequency response without excessive weight. Their new Flightcase model displays all the family traits.

(Performing musician - Jan 08, UK)
With two speakers aimed at your lnees and two at your nose, this PJB offers surround sound for bassists. Review by Gareth Morgan

(Guitar & Bass Dec, 07 UK)
PHIL JONES BASS built their reputation by challenging the status quo of bass amplification. The use of five-inch drivers for bass may seem bizarre, but Jones, with his solid background in high-end audio, has the engineering savvy to make it work-rather well, in fact.....

(Guitar World - December 07)
Der werte Bassist kennt die Geschichtes, piel deinen Bass über einen kleinen oder mittleren Amp und du wirst möglicherweisea nsehnliche Lautstärke ernten, aber was meist nicht dabei rauskommt, ist Bass! .....

(Planet TT Review)
Flightcase Review