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Speaker Cable

In order to exploit the power of the amplifier, loudspeaker cables should have the lowest possible internal resistance for efficient power transfer. This is particularly important for speaker connections. Just think, if you have a 4-ohm speaker and a 0.5-ohm speaker cable, you could be losing at certain frequencies 11% of your amp power through the cable! For every 100 watts your amp is believed to be given out, it may only be 89 watts! Obviously, it pays to use high current cables if you are running low impedance speakers with your amp. Unless, you can afford to burn those watts away just to heat up your cables!


Speaker Cable
for PJB Bass Amplifier
Length 4ft

Bass Cable

Most shielded cables have only one shield. The BI-12 has three. By the combination of carefully chosen materials such as 99.999% oxygen free pure copper and PTFE die-electric insulation, the BI-12 unleashes the true tone from your bass and gives you a whole new experience.


Shielded cable for Bass
length 12 ft